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Record video in background on Android
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Android application which records movies silently in background. You can record while browsing web pages, playing game, using navigation or even with screen turned off. Simply press application icon and continue using your phone.

Use application as:

  • Background recorder - record your surroundings while making a phone call or with disabled screen,
  • Car video camera / dashcam - record your drive while using GPS navigation at the same time,
  • Security camera - just leave it in a room, disable screen and record while you are gone.


  • No preview,
  • No shutter sound (on most devices),
  • HD (1080p) recording,
  • Support for both front and back camera,
  • Selecting records quality (for longer recordings at the same storage),
  • Recording for specified duration or until manual stop,
  • Browsing / deleting movies directly from application,
  • No Internet connection used at any time. Your videos and personal data belong to you and we respect that.





I can hear shutter sound on application start and stop

Unfortunately on some devices it is not possible to disable shutter sound. In some counties legal obligations forced device manfactures to play sound even if all devices' sounds are disabled.

Front camera records video with wrong rotation

On some devices front camera returns wrong information regarding it's rotation. That manifest itself with videos being rotated 90 or 180 degrees. To fix it, set proper rotation in 'Recording rotation' in 'HVC Settings'.

Movies are not visible after connecting device to computer

This problem appears most frequently on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. If movies are not visible after connecting your device to a computer please restart your phone or tablet. More technical information about this problem can be found here and here.

Recorded files takes to much space

To make file smaller please decrease video quailty. To do this please check if you have Hidden Video Camera in version at least 1.5.1. If not please update it first. Then go to settings and choose "video quality" option.

Movie recorded with Hidden Video Camera is corrupted. I can't play it.

Make a test: record a movie with screen turned on, then record another movie with screen turned off. If the one recorded with screen turned off cannot be played it means that your device is not able to record movies without screen being turned on.

Videos are saved to internal memory instead to SD card. How can I record movies directly to SD Card?

This problem will appear on devices which have both internal memory and SD card slot. Unfortunately Android system provides straightforward access to one memory only (it is called primary storage). It is up to device's manfactuler to decide which memory is primary (and in most cases it is an internal memory). Unfortunately there is no easy way to get to secondary storage (and very often this is SD card).

However Hidden Video Camera allows to manualy set movie's directory path so if the user knows what is secondary storage path is should be possible to record movies directly to SD card. Path can be set in Settings -> Movies directory -> Directory path (by default filled in with path to primary storage)

If you are not sure what is the path to secondary storage then:

  • Install free application Total Commander
  • Start it and check available storages:
  • Note paths and then try to use it in Hidden Video Camera

Please be aware that this option is in exprerimental state so it may not work on some devices.

I am not able to record movies bigger then 4GB.

This problem is almost always connected with the way device's memory is formatted. If it was formatted with FAT32 file-system then unfortunately it is not possible to use files bigger then approximately 4GB. It is not an application limit but it is file-system restriction. However you can format your memory with other file-system like i.e. exFAT to overcome this limitation.
Please be aware that it depends on particular device if file-system other then FAT32 is supported.
More information could be found over the Internet under a term 'Android 4GB file limit'.

Privacy policy

    • Camera - needed to record a video. Application cannot work without this permission
    • Record audio - needed to record an audio together with a video
    • System alert window - used to draw camera preview on the top of other applications
    • Write external storage - used to store recordings on device's external memory
    • Internet (Free version only) - used to send tweet about Hidden Video Camera
    We DO NOT collect any personal information.
    All data (recordings) created using "Hidden Video Camera" and "Hidden Video Camera PRO" belong to the user and application never sends any recordings or any personal information.
    Free version of the application ("Hidden Video Camera") uses Internet connection to send Twitter message. Is happens only if the user explicitly choose option "Extend the recording time to 60 seconds by tweeting about Hidden Video Camera". No other data is send by the application.
    Pro version of the application ("Hidden Video Camera PRO") doesn't have access to the Internet therefore never sends any data.
    In case of any questions, comments or privacy concerns please contact us at: hello@lofatsoftware.com


Any questions? Please drop us a line hello@lofatsoftware.com